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I've spent the last 10+ years working with startups and small businesses, ranging from Foodler.com to venture capital funds, from main street specialty stores to 2U.com, to the largest recycling consultancy in the world, to healthcare, and to others in between. I've also had the opportunity to serve as a SME to investment banks like Goldman-Sachs, helping them understand the product landscape behind rapid delivery of goods and how mobile changes everything.

Before I worked in tech, I tutored writing to students with learning disabilities for three years, worked as a machinist in an embroidery shop, bussed tables, tended bar, and even mowed yards for extra cash. In undergrad, I was a double major (writing and literature) and triple minor (psychology, spanish, international politics) at Texas Tech University where I was a top 50 graduating senior out of a class of over 3,000. While pursuing a Master of Fine Art at Emerson College in Boston, I wrote happy love stories, mashed up song lyrics into poems, and published a few pieces under pseudonyms. You'll find some of my writing on this site!

In 2013, I started the MBA program at UNC while working full-time and launching a consultancy called Cake. I ended up leaving my position at Foodler to work as a VC in the Valley in late 2014, but soon discovered that I cared more about people and products than I did about valuations and risk adjustments. Since then, I've worked for various clients and have pursued some passion projects too. As of January 2018, along with 80+ of my coworkers, my full-time job was eliminated as our business is being repositioned toward addressing other concerns. So, I'm looking! 😀

Reach out to kyle@kylecyree.com or find me on LinkedIn and let's talk!

What other people say about me:

Kyle is a highly motivated and positive individual who brings a spark of innovation into any situation that he is involved in. His creative and innovative thinking clearly gives him a knack for marketing and operations. When these skills are combined with his tech savvy it becomes clear how Kyle is able to push businesses to stay on the cutting edge. I would highly recommend Kyle to any company that is looking for someone with the desire and ability to continually strive for a competitive advantage over the competition through innovation and creativity.

--Jason Abbot, Associate Director of Pharmacy Consulting at Navigant

Kyle is a consummate champion of the entirety of a business--its people, its structures, its successes, and especially its necessary changes. Not only does Kyle invest himself with the success and evolution of his staff, colleagues, and superiors, but he always endeavors to surround himself with ideas for better efficiency, progress, and company happiness. Kyle and I have worked together in three different companies/capacities over the last six years, and Kyle is easily the most dedicated and passionate manager I've ever worked for, or alongside. He continuously encourages his staff to review and suggest ideas and changes, he strives to implement these changes, and he earnestly desires for the work to be better, more engaging, and more beneficial to all aspects of the company (the employees, the customers, the bottom line, and beyond). Kyle is a strong communicator, a powerful writer, and an incredibly creative force within any managerial or directorial dynamic he takes on.

--Jennifer Humbert, Quality Assurance Manager at Foodler

I had the great pleasure of meeting Kyle two years ago as a fellow Kenan-Flagler student. I was immediately impressed by Kyle's honesty, friendliness, and fierce determination to make a major impact on the world and others. As I've gotten to know Kyle better, I continue to be impressed by his ability to connect with others. Kyle has an intuitive sense of each person's personality style and uses that to not only listen and share his opinion effectively, but to draw people together and build community. I value Kyle's talent for developing creative and innovative ideas and solutions and believe he can add value to any organization that is looking for someone to see the big picture and think out of the box.

--Jennifer Fink, Founder at FinkDev

Kyle is a big-thinking dot connector and is one of the best problem solvers that I have ever met. He has the ability to bring all the right people into a room, breakdown a task at hand, and inspire others to take responsibility. And, he does all of this with verve and panache. I have had the opportunity to talk with him at length about my own entrepreneurial endeavors, meet him in semi-professional settings, and watch him at local Startup Weekend events - and he is always ALL IN. Kyle does nothing half-heartedly. His passion and dedication shine through no matter where he is.

--Avani Parkeh, CEO at LoveDoctor.in

Kyle has a tremendous acumen of business knowledge, specifically when it comes to marketing and operations. He is highly technical and his experience in startups makes him extremely resourceful, hard-working and operationally sound. He is usually at the heart of any gathering as his social and interpersonal skills are matched by no one. He understands how to manage from the bottom-up and is always willing to give anything his 110% effort to bask in its success. I would highly recommend Kyle to any organization seeking someone who is intelligent, resourceful and innovative yet experienced and knowledgeable enough to lead a structured, sound path to success.

--Tamer Abdelsalam, Senior Financial Analyst at Amazon Web Services

I could describe Kyle as an innovative and hard-working team player who approaches tasks with an acute attention to detail…but that only describes what anyone would notice shortly after meeting him. The thing that impresses me most about Kyle is his ability to take part in nearly any conversation, not as a know-it-all but rather as a thinker and as a listener. He is thoughtful and never wastes words.

--Jeff Kotalik, Senior Quality Engineer at Noranco